Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Look


  1. OMG, YES! The biting of the lip says it...the anticipation, the promise of pleasure, and even a bit of fear. This is my new screen saver!
    Thank you, Krista!


  2. Krista, I was discussing this with someone else, I wonder what your thoughts are:

    All humans are equal, and we're all born with the same content in our brains, but wouldn't you say that if there's such a thing as a "master race" title, it would have to belong to black people? I mean to me, there's no coinsidence that almost all the top athlethes in the world are black, and black men almost always has a higher percentage of body muscle and greater stamina. The best physical results, basically, which is what matters in sex, right?

    I mean, to me, it's not racism or anything, but more of a celebration and token of appreciation to say that black is the master race, what do you think?

    1. Anne,
      I agree. For me, its not about black vs. white. Its just been my experience that the way hot black guys act in bed is much more of a turn on for me. They like to be in charge and I like it when they act that way. It makes me want to give them what they want....

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