Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Everyone Will Know

"Baby, not here," I whispered as he pulled my panties down. "Not in front of the window, everyone will see!"

"Oh, I see," he said, smiling. "You don't want anybody to know you fuckin' a nigga?"

"No, its not that, its just...." I said, my voice trailing away.

"Girl, everybody's gonna know Ah'm hitting' that sweet, white pussy," he said. "Dey gonna know 'cause Ah'm gonna tell 'em. When 'day see us together, its gonna be obvious Ah'm getting in ya pants."

I knew he was right. Within a week my girlfriends would know, my sorority sisters would know, the white guys I'd dated recently would know. Hell, they'd be talking about it across campus. She's dating a black guy, they'd whisper. He's fuckin' her almost every day and she loves it! Now that she's had that big, black cock, she can't quit. They'd all jump to the conclusion that our relationship was all about the sex, that now that I'd been fucked by a real man, I was as hot for him as he was for me.

I'd deny it, but they'd see through my lies. They'd see by the way I looked at him that I was a black man's girl, now. It would be humiliating for a while, but I'd get over it. As long as I could feel his hot breath on my neck and his gorgeous, black cock slide into my wet, waiting pussy.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Kiss Was His Clue...

They'd only met a few hours ago, but after they'd danced, he offered to buy her a drink. To his surprise, she said "yes" and they tried to find a quiet place to talk.

Three drinks later, he could tell the alcohol was starting to have an effect. She was flirting with him and giggling. He felt sure the little, blonde college girl had no idea what she was getting herself into.

But, when he pulled her close and kissed her, he knew in seconds he would be in her bed that night. She kissed him back slowly, sensually, her tongue flitting in and out of his mouth. They made out for a while and he could see others in the club watching from the corners of their eyes as he slid his hands up and down her back and gently caressed her ass. Suddenly, he broke from her embrace and took her hand, leading her to the exit. She scooped her fingers through her hair and followed behind him, blushing a deep red as people watched her being led away, smiling as they watched.

When they got to her car, he fished her keys out of her purse without asking and opened the door, allowing her to slide into the passenger seat. When he got behind the wheel he looked at her. "Where you live, girl?" he asked.

She giggled again. "My apartment's down on Rollins, near the university," she said, smiling.

He turned the key in the ignition. "Ah'm gon' take you there and fuck 'dat sweet pussy," he said, matter-of-factly. "You best start thinkin' 'bout what you gon' make for my breakfast tomorrow."

She smiled and caressed his arm. "I was hopin' you'd say that," she said. "I got a feelin' I'm not gonna make my early classes tomorrow."

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Love Those Thug Boys!

I couldn't help staring.

He moved so easily, so effortlessly, I could almost smell his swagger.

His arms were thick and muscular and I began to fantasize about them wrapping around me, his warm breath on my neck as he kissed me.

The look on his face told me he didn't care about much. I wondered if I could catch his eye? I smiled at him.

He moved closer, like a panther hunting prey and didn't say a word as he approached. He just let his fingers slide down my arm, then he grasped my hand and started to lead me away. To where? I had no idea.

I knew he didn't want to know my name, but he wanted my pussy. He wanted to put his cock in me, hard and dominant, until I whimpered that it hurt.

I was about to be fucked, but he was so hot, I couldn't object.  I wanted to be used 
by him. He was a guy I could really go for, but he didn't care about me at all.  To him, I was just another white girl, but I wasn't concerned about whether he loved me. I just wanted  him to fuck me.

I wanted the ride of my life and I knew he was just the man to deliver  it.