Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My First Experience in a Three Way....

Derrick pulled me into the bedroom with Jamal following close behind. I was so nervous I could hear my heart beating in my chest and I had to concentrate on my breathing to keep from hyperventilating. Derrick walked over to the iPod player in the corner of my bedroom and started scrolling through my library. He turned up the volume and in a few seconds I could hear the gentle, seductive flute, followed by the pumping bass line as Rihanna filled the room.

Boy, let me, let me, Boy, let me, let me ..why don'tcha let do those things for you...want me come and whisper in your ear all the things you love to hear ...I wanna come play nice with you, 'cause if I get you alone I don't know what I might do...

Jamal slid into a chair in the corner, while Derrick walked closer to me with a big smile on his face. He kissed me and slowly lifted my tank top up. I obediently raised my arms over my head as Derrick pulled it off me and tossed it on the floor. He unsnapped the clasp between my breasts and kissed my neck as I shrugged out of my bra, my hard, pointy nipples giving my arousal away. I looked up into Derrick's eyes, his cocky smile giving me goosebumps. This was about to get kinda crazy and I had no idea where he was about to take me.

"Damn, nigga!" Jamal hissed. "White girl be smokin'. If that pussy be as sweet as them titties, we gon' be hittin' it, right?" Derrick never looked away from me.

"What about it, Krista?" he whispered. "This nigga gon' be hittin' it tonight?"

I couldn't speak. I just nodded "yes." Derrick hooked his fingers in the waist of my pants and slowly pulled down, below my belly button, then over my wide hips as he pushed them down my legs. Instinctively, I placed my hands over my pussy, but Derrick took my hands and placed them behind his neck as I stood on my tip toes to kiss him.

"Don't be shy, Krista," he said, his voice so deep and sexy that I closed my eyes and felt his words wash over me. "Why don't you let a brotha know what you want?"

I groaned softly and looked into his eyes. "Oh, god, Derrick, can't you tell what I want? Are you gonna make me say it out loud?" He laughed. Of course, he wanted me to tell him that I wanted him.

We kissed again and I felt his massive, strong arms wrap around me. I broke my lips from his and moaned as I kissed the side of his face. "Fuck me, Derrick," I said. "I want to feel your cock inside me and your body on top of me. I want you to pound me until it takes my breath away and then fill me with your delicious cum. Please, baby, don't deny me your gorgeous cock..."

Derrick pulled his shirt over his head and in seconds his pants were open and sliding down his legs. He sat back on my bed and spread his legs wide, his cock pointing straight up in the air as he grinned at me.

"C'mon, babygurl," he said. "Show my boy here what a white girl loves to do..."

I slid to my knees and crawled up between Derrick's legs. Wrapping both hands around his cock, I leaned forward and began swirling my tongue around the head of his cock, then, tilting my head, I licked up and down the sides of his shaft. Derrick inhaled deeply and Jamal whooped loudly.

"Day-um!" he wailed. "Get on 'dat boy's dick, white gurl! Day-um, brotha, ain't the first time ya girl here been down on a nigga. Bitch got some skills!"

Derrick looked at me, his teeth clenched. "That right, Krista? Y'all like how a nigga feels in ya mouth?"

I looked at him as my mouth bobbed up and down on his cock and he caressed my head with his hands. "Uh huh," I said, giving him a slight smile. The truth was I loved the feel of Derrick's hard, smooth cock in my mouth and I could've sucked him for hours if I hadn't have wanted him in my pussy just as badly, but I was embarrassed to be so blatantly horny for him in front of Derrick, much less in front of Jamal. Still, I hadn't exactly played hard to get for Derrick and my sense was he pretty much knew I would do whatever he wanted.

Derrick lifted my face from his crotch and slid back against the headboard, pulling me up onto the bed to continue sucking him. In the mirror, I could see Jamal dropping his jeans and boxers and climbing onto the bed behind me. Moments later, I felt his large hands on my ass and his cock bobbing between my legs. He reached down and grabbed his cock and began rubbing the head against my pussy lips. I started to groan, but Derrick gently pressed my head down, keeping my mouth full of his cock.

"Yeah, 'at's what I'm talkin' 'bout," Jamal said. "I'm fixin' to hit 'dis, babygurl. It's on and ain't a damn thing y'all can do about it. Ya might as well cross the resta the night off ya calendar 'cause y'all fixin' ta get busy and these niggaz ain't gon' be done for a while!"

I felt chills up and down my spine as Jamal slowly pushed into me. I couldn't believe this was really happening to me and I had no clue what the night held in store, but I was ready.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Waiting for His Call....

I was as nervous as a cat for the next few days, waiting and wondering if he'd call. Each morning, I'd wake up and check my messages to see if he'd called or texted me. I started to worry but after three days of chewing my fingernails, my phone finally rang and it was him. He called on a Thursday afternoon and I'd finished my classes for the day.

"Hey, babygurl?" he said, laughing. "Whassup?"

"Whassup with you?" I said, trying to sound calm. "I'd about given up on you."

"Naw," he said. "Everything's cool, I was just rollin' through ya neighborhood and thought I'd stop by. We cool?"

I smiled. "Yeah, we cool," I said. "I'd love to see you." I meant it. I was really wanting to see him and to feel him close to me. To run my hands across his strong, muscular chest and to have him cradle me in his strong arms. I had to admit I wanted him to fuck me, too, but I wasn't ready to tell him that.

"Oh, yeah," he said. "I got my boy, Jamal, ridin' wit me. Okay if he comes by, too?"

"Sure," I said, not sure of what this was all about. "I'd love to meet him." I quickly ran into the bathroom, brushed my hair and touched up my make up. When the doorbell rang ten minutes later, I ran to open it and the sight of two smiling, gorgeous guys standing in my doorway nearly took my breath away. They walked in without being invited, unsmiling and serious. But when my man smiled and said "whassup", he took me in his arms and gave me a deep kiss, sending my head spinning.

I exhaled deeply when he released me and nearly giggled as he held my hand. I could see Jamal looking me up and down. "Damn, nigga, dat's whassup!" he said, smiling approvingly. "Y'all didn't tell me da white girl was TIGHT!" I smiled, not used to receiving so much attention from such beautiful men.

"Whatcha doin', Krista?" my man said, shyly.

"Hangin' out," I said. "Waitin' for you, daddy..." I smiled.

"Yeah? And whatcha gon' do when I got here?"

I laughed nervously. "I dunno. Hang out with you, I guess."

"Yeah?" he said, pulling on my arm, slowly starting to walk toward the hallway off the living room of my apartment, the hallway leading to my bedroom. "Well, you know where I wanna hang out, don't ya, girl?"

"I got an idea," I said, laughing, letting him lead me to bed. I turned. "Jamal, there's beer in the fridge and the remote's on the coffee table..."

My man laughed. "Jamal didn't come wit' me to watch TV," he said. "I tol' him about the fun I had comin' over here the other night and we figured you'd be down with havin' some fun wit' BOTH of us..."

"Ohmigod," I gasped. "Are you serious?"

He looked at Jamal. "Call the pizza man and get us some food, nigga. Babygurl's gonna be too busy to cook tonight and I gotta feelin' we gon' work up an appetite...."

Thursday, February 4, 2010

How I Wanna Wake Up In the Morning....

I rolled over to see his face peeking up from the pillow. He didn't talk, he just smiled and closed his eyes. I couldn't help but stare at him, letting my eyes wander over his naked body. Last night, we'd barely known each other for a few hours when we stumbled into my apartment, a little tipsy and laughing uproariously. Normally, I have this defense mechanism against guys who try to pick me up in clubs, but it was no match for the game he was bringin' last night. Smooth, confident, sexy, he started talking to me and buying me drinks and 15 minutes turned into two hours which turned into closing time which turned into "why don't we hang out for a while?"

We made small talk while I drove but we both knew what was going to happen. At some point, his dick was going to wind up in my pussy and it was largely because I wanted it there. Wanted his dark, chocolate skin against mine, wanted my hands caressing his muscles, wanted my legs wrapped around the small of his back.

In a little while, he's going to wake up, get dressed and kiss me before saying he has to leave. And I'll watch the curve of his back and his thick, muscular ass as he pulls on his boxers and steps into his jeans. A dull ache will ripple through my body and vibrate between my legs and I'll want him again. I'll want to be underneath him, feeling his weight on top of me and his warm breath on my neck. I'll whimper as his hard, thick cock slides in and out of me until the orgasm runs through my body and makes me cry out, wanting him but at the same time, embarrassed that his fucking me could make me lose control like that. Clutching him and silently smiling as he explodes inside me, filling me with his warm, sticky love.

I feel guilty that in the middle of the night while he was sleeping, I looked through his phone and found the numbers of literally dozens of girls, along with coy text messages promising all kinds of erotic delights. He's a hot guy, I think to myself, you shouldn't be surprised he fucks other girls and they throw themselves at him. You didn't exactly put up a fight last night either.We lie in bed making small talk about what happened last night before he gets dressed to leave.

I tell him how much I enjoyed it and he laughs and says he could tell. We kiss and I look deep in his eyes and say "you better call me" with a smile. He says he will if I promise we can do this again and I promise. We kiss again and I kiss down his neck, to his chest and stomach and slowly move my lips in the direction of his cock. "Damn, girl" he says, laughing, but I want to give him something to remember me by. I want the smell and taste of him again before he goes.

When the door closes behind him, I lie in bed smiling to myself, chewing the end of my fingernail and rolling my eyes at how completely overwhelmed I am by this gorgeous, black man. He knows my door is always open to him, as long as he holds out the promise of my being naked with him in my bed, purring as he touches me and crying out as he enters me. Never in my life have I been so consumed with the idea of giving myself to a man....