Saturday, October 23, 2010

The taste of him on my tongue....

I looked up at Derrick as he pushed his cock between my lips and into my mouth. I focused my mind on the feeling of his hard flesh sliding across my tongue, pressing against the back of my throat. I loved fellating him, I felt it was my calling, my purpose and I loved the gentle touch of his hands in my hair, caressing me, coaxing me, urging me to please him.
The guys at the door loved it, too. A running commentary filled the room behind me as I felt my new boyfriend pushing in and out of my mouth, his pre-cum mixing with my saliva. I pulled my mouth off him to catch my breath and a long string of fluid stretched from my lips to the tip of his cock. I licked my lips and the string dripped down onto my breasts, leaving a sticky trail across my body.

"Ain't ya first black dick, is it, Krista?" one of the doorway observers said, more statement than question.
"Damn, lookit little snowflake!" another said. "Babygirl LOVES suckin' that nigga's dick!"
"Damn, nigga," another said, laughing. "I hope that bitch's pussy feels as good as her mouth."

Derrick caressed my hair, smiling down at me. "We 'bout ta find out, ain't we, babygirl?"

He pulled away from me and reached over to slide a canvas-covered ottoman toward the middle of the room. Derrick then reached down to take my hand and pull me up, positioning me behind the ottoman facing the door. Then, he gently bent me over to a kneeling position and with a hand on the back of my neck, guided me forward onto all fours. He was determined to get maximum entertainment value from my visit to his room. Derrick's plan was to fuck me from behind while his fraternity brothers watched my every expression, seeing firsthand whether his widely rumored sexual prowess could touch the latest white girl to visit this inner sanctum of male sexual dominance. If there was to be a female orgasm, the brothers would see it up close, enjoying every grimace, whimper and moan. In my mind, I wondered how many other young, white girls from good families in small towns had found themselves center stage like me this night, throwing caution to the winds and giving in to the aching desire to submit sexually to a strong, virile black man.

But, there were no victims in Derrick's room this night.

I wanted him in me, wanted to be on display as another in a long line of Derrick's sexual playthings. I'd always been a good girl my entire life, obedient daughter, high school cheerleader, Sunday school, honor role. Now, I'd finally found a man that I wanted to take me, to possess me, to use me up and leave me spent on the floor, his sperm oozing from between my legs. I looked over my shoulder at Derrick, light beads of sweat on his forehead and upper lip.
I gasped as he entered me, the friction of his delicious black cock creating jolts of electricity through my body as his penis rubbing the sides of my pussy walls. It's difficult to describe the sensations I felt as Derrick fucked me. All I know is that my senses were completely focused on the pure pleasure of having him inside me. It was as if the connection between us melted us into one another.

I felt destined to be in this room with him, my entire purposed to be fucked by Derrick and to be the source of his pleasure as he was mine, to reach that point where I could feel his warm, sticky seed spurting deep into me. He could have me whenever he wanted and he knew it.
I tried to speak, but my voice was high pitched and whining, like a little girl's. "Oh, god, baby!" I said. "Yeah......"

"Damn, that's a sweet pussy," he said. "You been waitin' for this, ain't ya, Krista?"
"Uh huh," I whispered. "Since the last time we were together..."
He leaned forward and I could feel his weight on me, his hot breath on the back of my neck. "You're mine, now, baby," he said. "You tell that white boy back home to go fuck himself. This pussy belongs to me now...."
"Yes, Derrick..." I moaned softly, lowering my head, my hair falling forward to cover me. I could see my breasts hanging down, my nipples poking out lasciviously. He placed his hands on my hips and began pulling me back onto him, fucking me with increasingly aggressive thrusts. The feeling inside me was pure ectasy and I began reacting to each thrust with small whimpers, by turns pleading and insistent.
"Ooooh.....ooooh....ooooh," I gasped. "God, Derrick, I love how your cock feels in me."
It was the truth. I couldn't conceive of another man making me feel this way. Whether Derrick and I could share a future together was something neither of us knew, but deep down inside me, I knew I would always find a way to Derrick's bed. I would always want him to fuck me.

I lifted my head to see the brothers standing in the doorway, watching me. When my eyes met theirs, I gave them a little half-smile which prompted them to hoot and laugh.

"Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout," one shouted. " Bitch, y'all be lovin' that niggah's dick, ain't ya, Krista?"
"Mmmmm, yeah....its so good," I said. "Ohmigod, its soooooo good..."

"Ain't like them white boys, is it, snowflake?"
"No, nothing like them..."
"You done with white boys, ain't ya, Krista?"
"What are you?"


"Who's bitch are you, baby?"

"Derrick's..." I said. "Derrick's little white bitch."

"And you like that, don't ya?"

"Ohmigod, yesssssssss...." I hissed, then looked back over my shoulder at Derrick. "I love it, baby it sooo much when you fuck me."

Derrick leaned forward and I could feel the weight of his body on me, his hot breath on my back as he kissed my neck and worked his way up to the side of my face. "Here it comes, babygirl," he whispered. "I'm gonna fill up that sweet, little white pussy." He groaned slightly and I could feel the warmth spilling deep inside me, flooding me with his warm stickiness. A smile washed over my face and I reached back with one hand, caressing his head, pulling him close to me. Feeling Derrick cum in me was pure ecstasy, a feeling of elation filled me, knowing that I'd pleased him. The pure sexual joy Derrick had taken from my body led to a beautiful man's orgasm and spurt after spurt of his thick, white sperm deep in my vagina. For a fleeting second, I had fantasies of repeating this scene, but without birth control, rolling the dice in the hopes that in giving myself to him, he would reward me and make my belly swell with his baby.
I quickly put the thought out of my mind and felt his body connected to me, frozen with stillness as he emptied himself into me. After a few minutes, he slowly pulled out of me, leaving me exhausted, leaning forward on the ottoman, spent and hyperventilating. I could sense another presence close to me and I looked up to see one of the brothers from the doorway standing over me, his fly open and his hand wrapped around his erect cock. The sight of Derrick fucking his little white girl had simply been too much for him and he'd been stroking his cock. As Derrick turned to pull up his boxers, he stroked his dick directly over me and within a few minutes, I felt the thick, gooey drops of his cum dripping onto the back of my head, then, as I turned to look at him, he squeezed the remaining drops onto my cheeks and across the bridge of my nose. I might've been Derrick's little white bitch, but I was fair game for the sperm of the others as well.
I stood up, my legs wobbly and made my way over to Derrick and he wrapped his arms around me. I could feel his half-hard cock pressing against my belly as I kissed his neck.

"Mmmmmm, thank you, baby," I whispered. "Thank you for making me feel so incredibly special." He laughed and kissed the top of my head.

"Y'all gonna feel special a lot this year, babygirl," he said.

He took my hand and led me over to his bed, shouting at the brothas still standing in the doorway. "Y'all niggaz get th' fuck outta here," he yelled. They retreated closing the door behind them and Derrick and I slid under the covers of his bed, spooning together. We snuggled and he wrapped his arms around me, kissing the side of my face. It felt warm and safe wrapped in Derrick's arms and I thought to myself that no matter who saw us, sex with Derrick was still beautiful and glorious and sexy and I loved it more than anything else in the world. Beneath the floor, I could feel the rumble of the music and the shout of voices as the party continued. The world was oblivious to the blissful closeness of our bodies, but I could feel Derrick close to me and I slowly drifted off to sleep.