Thursday, September 3, 2009

He reacts like this when he's with me....

I look at his face and I wonder: could I make him react like this? Do I have what it takes to please a beautiful, black man? To make him swoon as I kiss down between his legs, kissing and licking, making love to his gorgeous, thick cock?
I look up at him while he slides his cock into my mouth, his fingers entwined in my hair, my warm, wet tongue sliding along the underside of his penis. "Do you like this, baby?" my eyes seem to say. "Am I as good as all those other girls you've had?"
For a man as strong and sexy as him, its always been easy. Girls flock to his beautiful eyes and his bright "ladykiller" smile. When he asked me out, I was afraid I said "yes" too quickly, that he'd know I had a crush on him and try to take advantage of that.
But when he flashed that smile, I realized he knew before he'd even asked that he'd have no problem getting into my pants. The whole evening, drinks, dinner, dancing at the club was just a pretext to my inviting him back to my place, to his casual confidence as I unlocked the door and let him in, the sensuousness of his kiss and my embarrassment as I took his hand and led him back to my bedroom.
He was so gentle as he stripped me naked and gently guided my lips to his cock. He whispered to me, telling me how good it felt, no other girl had ever made him feel like this. I knew it was all bullshit, but damn, he was good at it! And when he looked into my eyes, I felt the embarrassment melt away, replaced by pure desire for such a gorgeous, sexy man. When I finally said what I'd wanted to say since I first met him, there was a brief smirk on his face. He knew he could get me to say it, he just didn't think he could break down my defenses so quickly, on our very first date.
"Please, baby," I said. "I want you to fuck me."