Friday, August 20, 2010

The Fraternity

Derrick's fraternity was not exactly in a great neighborhood. Old frame houses that once framed a neat, tree-lined neighborhood showed peeling paint as they'd transitioned over the years into flop houses for college students. The older model cars parked in front showed signs of wear with rust spots and dents. The sleek, black Escalade my dad gave me as a high school graduation gift looked oddly out of place as I pulled in front of the fraternity house and parked. I could see a gathering of guys on the front porch, drinking what I could only assume was beer from paper-bag covered bottles.

I stepped out of the car and locked it behind me. As I rounded the car and started up the sidewaalk, I could see the frat boys staring at me, wondering what this little white girl was doing headed for their house on a Friday night. I could hear them murmuring as I approached but couldn't make out what was being said.
I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy their attention. I could feel their eyes on me and could sense the reaction as I drew closer.

"Damn, blondie!" one of them said.

"Mmmmm-mmmm-mmmmm, y'all can just move on, I can take it from here," another said to laughter from the gathering.

I stopped on the sidewalk in front of the porch, about ten feet from the group. "Um, hi, I'm looking for Derrick?" I asked, a bit too brightly I thought. There was a collective moan and someone went off to find him. Moments later, there was a bit more laughter and one of the guys complimented me on my dress. I said "thanks" and he asked if I would turn around so he could see it from the back. Smiling, I slowly pirrhouetted in from of them, eliciting a low hush of comments.

"Damn, lookit that! A white girl with a ghetto booty!" one said. "Now I seen EVERYTHING!"

"Um, is Derrick...uh, here?" I asked again.

They all looked at each other until one guy in the back said "yeah, baby, I'll take ya to him." I followed him up the steps, through a chorus of "damn!" and one of the front porchers mumbled "I could definitely hit 'dat..." I blushed as they watched me walk past.

Music blared through the house as the brothers all milled around, talking, drinking or just lounging, along with a handful of girls, all black. Mine was the only white face in the house as far as I could see and I felt strange. The guy I was following pulled out a cell phone and dialed a number.

"Yo, dawg," he said into the phone. "There's a really fine lookin' white girl here askin' for ya. Better get ya black ass down here fast 'cause I'm thinkin' she needin' a nigga like me to protect her from all the animals around here...."

He laughed and hung up the phone, then walked over to me. "He be down in a minute. Can I get 'ya somethin' to drink?"

"No, I'm good."

"What's ya name, girl?"

"Me? I'm Krista."

He stuck out his hand. "How you doin', Krista? I'm Jabari."

I took his hand and smiled. "Pleased to meet you, Jabari."

"You stayin' to party?"

"I don't know, that's kinda what I'm here to ask Derrick about.."

He smiled and caressed my hand. "You need to stick around, Krista," Jabari said. "This is the best party house on campus and we know how to treat a beautiful lady right." I smiled. You had to hand it to Jabari. Here I was dressed in one of my sexiest outfits, he knew I was there to see one of his fraternity brothers and he was still in there pitching. He knew there wasn't much chance he'd wind up with me tonight, but as long as there was ANY chance, he was going to give it his best shot.

"Hey, babygurl..." I heard a voice say and turned to see Derrick bounding down the stairs. His deep, baritone voice made me shiver. As he approached, he took me into his arms and I locked my arms around his neck. He kissed me so passionately that when he stopped I was left blushing and gasping for breath.

Derrick took my hand and led me through the crowd to a small kitchen at the back that served as a barroom. He poured me a drink from a large, plastic milk jug that was a deep red and very sweet. I could tell it had a strong kick to it, fueled by ample pours of grain alcohol.

He led me through the party, stopping occasionally to chat with clusters of his friends. I felt incredibly luck to be with such a beautiful, sexy man. Derrick was wearing a polo shirt that looks as if it were painted on his thick, muscled back, the sleeves straining to contain his bulging, muscular biceps. He wore baggy jeans, but there was no mistaking his gorgeous, round ass and I couldn't help sneaking a look at it as I trailed along behind him.

"What up, dawg," he'd say to his boyz. "I want you to meet Krista."

The mere mention of my name elicited smiles and displays of extreme politeness. Some of the guys would take my hand and kiss it and I began to feel very special in the midst of this gathering of beautiful men, a sort of fairy tale princess among the black knights of a very special round table.

We headed downstairs to a basement room where a DJ had set up and an impromptu dance floor had been constructed. After several dances and a few more drinks, I thought I saw Derrick give a nod of his head to the DJ and a slow, hip hop groove began pulsing through the speakers. The dance floor cleared except for a few couples and Derrick led me to the center of the room and wrapped his arms around me. I inhaled his cologne and let him pull me close. Many of the couples had wandered away and along the perimeter of the room, against a wall, I saw a few of the fraternity brothers watching Derrick and me dance. I felt completely safe in his strong arms as he leaned down to kiss me.


"Yes, baby?"

"I want you to stay over tonight, okay?"
Stay over?" I asked. "You mean"


I hesitated. "Derrick ...I don't know.."

"Why not?"

"Well....its one thing to have you spend the night at my apartment. It's pretty much private. Here...well, I don't think its gonna take long for your fraternity brothers to realize I was here all night."

"So what?" he said. "They won't say anything."

I smiled. "That's easy for you to say don't have to deal with the consequences if my Dad finds out.."

Derrick laughed. "Don't you worry about 'ya white daddy, you just worry about 'ya black daddy, okay?" He kissed the top of my head and took my hand, leading me up the stairs to the main floor of the house. As we worked our way through the crowd, Derrick exchanged smiles with his fraternity brothers and several fist bumps. The guys would greet Derrick, then look at me and smile. They knew about Derrick and me already, I guessed. They knew the nature of our relationship and they knew what he had in mind for me as we approached the stairs leading hup to the second floor of the frat house, the floor where the brothers had their rooms. I blushed as a few of the boyz started to hoot and whistle and I could feel their eyes on my bottom as Derrick led me up the stairs.

"Yeah, its on!" one said, followed by laughter.

"Yo, Krista," another said. "You fixin' breakfast tomorrow mornin'?" More laughter.

"Damn, man, blondie ain't gon' be able to WALK, much less COOK!"

I looked over my shoulder. There must have been a dozen of the fraternity brothers at the bottom of the stairs watching Derrick lead me away. It seemed everyone was aware my night was just beginning.

We reached the landing at the top of the stairs and Derrick led me down a hallway to the door of his room, past brothers lingering in the hall with drinks and a handful of girls. There were snickers as we walked past and one of the brothers muttered "...won't see THAT l'il girl 'till mornin'..."

Derrick and I stepped inside his sparsely decorated room. There was a desk, a bookshelf, a bed and not much else. He powered up an iPod player on the shelf and a slow R&B groove filled the room. We looked at each other and smiled as I moved closer, gently rocking my hips back and forth.

"Mmmmmmm, babygurl," Derrick whispered. "Damn, y'all know how to get my blood pumpin'..."

"Oh, really?" I said.

"Yeah, girl," he said. "That body was made for fuckin'..."

I kissed him and whimpered slightly. "Ooooh, Derrick," I said. "God, baby, you REALLY know how to get me goin'. You always get the best outta me because of what you put inta me..."

Derrick slide his hands down to my ass and pressed me toward him. I could feel his cock growing in his jeans and I bit my lower lip as he rubbed it against my belly.

"You want some of this, babygurl?" he whispered.

I didn't speak, just nodded. Derrick reached behind me and slowly pulled down the zipper on the black mini I was wearing, then slid the skirt down over my hips. I wiggled them down to the floor, then kicked them away.

I smiled. "Why don't you close that door and let me show you how hot it makes me, being alone with you?" I said.

"Naw, babygurl," he said, smiling. "Door stays open." I looked at him quizzically.

"House rules," he said. "You gonna be my girl, you got to let the world know.." I looked over to see four brothers standing in the doorway, smiling as they watched Derrick and I. I blushed as he undressed me, reaching behind my neck to untie the halter, letting it drop to my waist as I felt the cool air of the room against my breasts.

Derrick gently took my shoulders and positioned me facing the door, then walked around behind me. He pulled the remainder of the halter top over my head, then hooked his fingers in my thong panties and pulled down. The guys in the doorway hooted and whistled as the neatly trimmed bush above my pussy came into view and my panties slid down over my hips to the floor. Instinctively, I crossed my arms over my chest to cover myself, but Derrick firmly pulled my arms up, looping them behind me around his neck. He slid his hands down to my tummy while he kissed my neck and ear.

"Look at 'em, Krista," he said. "They all wantin' ta do what I'm gonna do with you..."


  1. love the story! can't wait to find out what happens between now and saturday morning :)


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